The Strad Standard

What makes Strad different?

Strad’s point of difference is the way we measure success. We call it the Strad Standard.

It’s not just words. We hold each other to the highest standards every day, in the office, on the road and in the field. Often that means getting way out of our comfort zone to get the job done. We know that in today’s marketplace ordinary is nowhere. Our product portfolio already exceeds the strictest North American safety standards. But we know that isn’t going to be enough in the future. The Strad Standard powers a culture of continuous improvement, a constant search for innovation and cost-savings that make life easier for customers - our commitment is to always Go Beyond.

Our Service Team is acknowledged by the industry as second-to-none for responsiveness, needs assessment, attention to detail, and follow through. That’s the Strad Standard in action.

The Strad Standard also applies to the management of the organization behind the scenes, through a platform of strong corporate governance and uncompromising ethical and safety protections.

The Strad Standard is about always Going Beyond. Beyond the ordinary. Beyond expectations.