Strad Facilitating BP Cleanup Efforts in Gulf Oil Spill

June 2, 2010

After seeing the needs first hand, Strad’s Environmental Solutions team quickly offered proven, scaled solutions to BP, federal, state and local (parish) government entities.

Initially, Strad is engaged in mobilizing 5400 environmental and access mats to Venice, Louisiana from depot locations in Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Texas and Alberta, Canada.  Using our patented SteelLock mats, Strad’s team is creating the platform for BP’s 2000-man camp and access roads in and out of the delta site. 

Strad mats are ideal for remote locations such as this as they create a stable, durable platform that is clean, safe and prevents permanent damage to the sensitive ground growth.  

James Ingalls, Mark Goosmann, and Kenneth Marbach of Strad have been onsite for the past 9 days in Plaquemine parish working with Billy Nungesser, President of Plaquemine Parish.

Further efforts to help with surface spill response and containment in the area are being examined and developing as response plans are initiated in Louisiana and other states.

SteelLock Camp Pad in Louisiana

SteelLock Camp Pad in Louisiana