Road Crossing/Invert Line Crossing

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Portable, strong and durable

Strad supplies temporary, portable road crossings for hauling oilfield equipment, materials or loads in remote locations. Invert line crossings are used on drilling rig sites and tank farms for protecting pipes, wires, lines and hoses where they cross roadways or other areas of traffic. Crossings make for easier transport on rig sites and are extremely strong and durable. Invert line crossings are made of welded steel tubing and are steel-plated, anchored at each end and can bear the weight of oilfield equipment and machinery.


  • Invert line crossings are built to specification and can be made to various lengths (30', 35', etc.)
  • Invert line crossings support gussets
  • Road crossings are checker plated
  • Road crossings have a slide prevention mechanism
  • Road crossings have safety poles and safety pole storage


Strad is experienced in dealing with the challenges of road crossings and can provide you with a complete range of services including modifications, install and maintenance.

Size 30' - 30 ½"L x 6' 8"W x 9"H (4' - 6 ⅙" tall when set up)
Weight 7,019 lbs
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