Light Towers

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Safe illumination anywhere

Strad supplies light towers, light stands and lay down light stands in order to create a safe and illuminated work environment on project sites and other remote locations needing light. Strad offers an assortment of portable light tower and lay down light stand options; wheeled or skidded, gas or diesel, battery or electric. All light towers and stands meet government and industry standards.

20 kW Wheeled Light Tower Features

  • 8 kW or 20 kW
  • Various power configurations available
  • Supply hydraulic
  • Receptacles: three 30A 125/250 volt twist locks and two 20A 120 volt. Various power configurations available with specific power (kW powers)
  • 700 CCA battery
  • Block heater
  • Internal storage for light fixtures
  • Roda Deaco air shut down
  • Refueling static reel
  • 110% full containment for all fluids within the genset
  • Ground rod
  • 20 lb fire extinguisher
  • 2 rear outriggers

Upright Light Stand Features

  • Light top mounted onto the mast
  • 120 volt, 20 amp, 150' power cord
  • Light stands are more commonly used inside tank farms

Lay Down Light Stand Features

  • Stackable 
  • Light top mounted onto the mast
  • 150' power cord
  • Two hand-powered winches to raise stand and mast.
  • Fork pockets and shackles for movement of the skid
  • Unit can be stacked and locked together for ease of transportation

Light Towers Advantages

Strad's light towers offer longer service intervals when using synthetic oil in all gensets.

All light towers come with a containment tray that offers 110% full containment for all fluids used in the unit.

Strad's highly trained and qualified Service Technicians provide regular, full on-site maintenance. 

Base Lights Mast Height Fuel Source
20 kW Wheeled (15”) or skidded (5’x12’) Six 1000 watt metal halide 30' Diesel
Upright Four leg mount (5’x5’) Three 500 watt quartz 20' Electricity
Upright 10’x3’ Three 500 watt quartz 20' Electricity
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