600 BBL Single Wall Horizontal Tanks

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Storing, discharging and rolling mud

Strad's 600 BBL single wall horizontal tank is versatile when it comes to storing, discharging and rolling invert mud. The horizontal storage tank orientation provides a much safer design by eliminating the need to climb on top of the tank.

Strad's Surface Equipment team specializes in containment, fluid management systems and spill prevention as well as turnkey project management. Our team is highly trained and experienced at mobilizing and demobilizing tank farms. Our team will safely and efficiently coordinate all logistics for the transportation of equipment fluids and waste disposal on the well-site.


  • Two no-pinch hammer style ground rods, complete with 10' of #2 flexible cable and quick connect couplers
  • 75' static steel reel for safe fluid transfer
  • Mechanical fluid gauge board
  • Tank thermometer for easy fluid temperature capture
  • 2" seam line complete with fig. 200 unions
  • Two 4" tank suction lines
  • Two 4" external pump suction for multiple tank connection
  • 4" discharge line into tank mud roll
  • LED boss fixtures for interior and exterior lighting
  • Two agitators, one 30 amp pin and sleeve 480 volt, 200' cord supplied (AB 609 starter box)
  • One pump, one 30 amp pin and sleeve, 20 HP motor, 480 volt, 200' cord supplied (AB 609 starter box)
  • One heater in pump shack, one 30 amp pin and sleeve 208 volt, 200' cord supplied
  • Other options include: wind sock, powder coat, 1.5" spray foam insulation, fall arrest, thermometer, LED lighting, and custom sample port


  • Rear ladder including fall arrest
  • Pressure safety theft hatch
  • High level fluid alarm at 85% tank capacity
  • Electrical access trough to keep all cords off the ground


The 600 BBL single wall horizontal tank is 100% designed in-house and features a unique live roll system. Some advantages to the new design include insulation, steam lines, agitators, and a pump that's incorporated into the front shed of the tank. Also, new to this application, is the heavy-duty pump that is capable of transferring heavier mud weights.

Volume 600 BBL/95 m³
Volume US gallons 18,900
Size 50'8" x 12'¹³∕₁₆" x 12'½"
Weight 39,528 lbs/17,930 kg
Orientation Horizontal
Compartment Single
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