In the Community

Strad believes in Going Beyond to strengthen the areas we live and work in. The company and our employees must do as much as we can to be a real partner in the social and economic development of our communities.

The Company also endorses and encourages its employees to participate in their local neighborhoods over and above company initiatives, through tangible financial and time support.

Criteria for support:

  • Based within and serving a Strad community
  • Organization or event that supports or benefits youth
  • Registered charity which is eligible to issue official tax receipts, or an established not-for-profit community association
  • Not on behalf of a political, lobbyist or special interest group

Areas we support:

  • Education, culture and the arts
  • Youth and family initiatives
  • The environment
  • Local youth athletics
  • Community leadership and development


We believe Strad can make a difference through strategic partnerships that support the diverse priorities of Indigenous communities. We will Go Beyond so that every group we work with shares economic benefits.

Strad has achieved Committed status under the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Program with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB):

PAR CCAB Indigenous Relations

Strad is also a proud member of the following Indigenous Organizations in Canada:

  • Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (NAABA) - Associate Business Membership
  • Council for the Advancement of Native Economic Development Officers (CANDO)
  • Circle for Aboriginal Relations (CFAR)
  • Anishnawbe Business Professional Association (ABPA)

Tree Canada

We are a supporter of Tree Canada's National Greening Program; the leading national tree planting charity in Canada which has planted over 80 million trees since 1992.