EcoPond Composite (EPC)

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Frac-water management systems

Strad’s EcoPond® was developed to address frac-water management challenges. Instead of truckloads of countless smaller tanks with a huge set-up investment, Strad engineered a containment solution that is designed to work safely, reduce environmental impact and lower completion costs.

EcoPond® Composite (EPC) is fully engineered and composed of materials specifically chosen to optimize strength, durability and longevity while keeping the unit ultra-lightweight. Constructed with insulation incorporated during the fabrication process, the EPC allows for a greater level of heat retention than other large storage tanks in the market today. The EPC utilizes proprietary interlocking panels, meaning installations are bolt, pin and clip free, resulting in 75% less parts than most other frac-water management alternatives.

EcoPond® Composite (EPC) Features

  • Transported on a single truck and set up in less than a day
  • Engineered aluminum and composite panel design (patent pending)
  • Ultra-lightweight resulting in reduced transportation costs
  • Low environmental impact and decreased carbon footprint
  • Insulated for heat retention, heat regulation and energy consumption
  • Interlocking panel design ensures less parts and added seam strength
  • Tested rigorously and certified engineered tank

EcoPond® Composite (EPC) Advantages

Our EPC tanks are easy to set up. The composite panels are ultra-lightweight and can be transported on a single truck load, dramatically reducing transportation costs.

Ideal for remote locations where road access is limited; light enough to helicopter in. 98% savings in transportation costs in comparison to trucking 400 BBL and 500 BBL tanks. The convenient interlocking panel design ensures less parts and added seam strength.

EPC Diameter Capacity
Size (10 ft tall) Feet Meters BBL
EPC 1550 83' 25.3 9,600 1,550
EPC 3000 116' 35.4 18,800 3,000
EPC 4500 116' 35.4 28,125 4,500
EPC 6300 168' 51.2 39,375 6,300
EPC 7200 180' 54.9 45,000 7,200
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