Rig Mats

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Start on solid ground

Strad offers a variety of rig mats that are used for access roadways and rig mat platforms or construction sites. Strad’s rig mats increase access to remote locations, protect sensitive terrain from damage and reduce reclamation costs.

SteelLock Interlocking Mat Features

  • Patented interlocking end design
  • Steel, wide flange construction
  • Pivots at joints to accommodate grade
  • Corner attachment options

SteelLock LT Interlocking Mat 

  • Same design and style features as the SteelLock Interlocking mat with added benefits of:
  • LT version offering a durable cross-laminated timber (CLT) core 
  • Lighter weight mat than conventional matting cores to lower transport costs
  • Water-resistant

Other Rig Mat Features

  • Wood or durable cross-laminated timber (CLT) core
  • Come in three styles:
    • Four Beam - Heavy Duty Rig Mat / Matting Board
    • Three Beam - Standard Rig Mat / Matting Board
    • Two Beam - Camp or Sidewalk Mat
  • Steel wide-flange construction on all styles
  • Square and round matting ends
  • Lifting shackles and reinforced side lifting pockets
  • No transport or loading concerns


All rig mats are constructed without nails, bolts, pins or sharp edges and are designed to eliminate tire damage.
Our SteelLock patented interlocking design is engineered to provide a durable base that will not pull apart. It is the only rig mat in the industry with corner attachments that result in laying less mats and making it easier to navigate curves. 

Rig Mat Type Size Thickness Core Weight Load Capacity
SteelLock 8’ x 15 6" Spruce / Pine 2,760 lbs 35,000 lbs/ sq. ft.
SteelLock LT 8’ x 20’ 4" Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) 2,070 lbs 72,000 lbs/ sq. ft.
Worksafe 8’ x 20’ & 8’ x 40’ 6” Spruce / Pine 3,500 lbs & 7,000 lbs 35,000+ lbs/ sq. ft.
Worksafe LT 8’ x 20’ & 8’ x 40’ 5 3/4” Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) 5,060 lbs 70,000 lbs/ sq. ft.
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