Laminate Mats

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Reduce costs while protecting the environment

Strad understands the need to keep costs under control on a project while still offering ground protection for the environment. Our laminate mats are another optimal economical solution at less than half the weight of standard access mats.

Laminate Mat Features

  • Durable and cost effective solution
  • Save 50% on transportation costs
  • Easy to clean to prevent cross-contamination
  • Ideal alternative for steel-framed rig mats and access matting
  • Easy set-up and tear-down

Strad is committed to helping develop North America’s resources responsibly and safely. To do this, Strad has continually worked to provide customers with superior solutions and services in the energy, construction, power transmission, pipeline and mining industries. Strad’s Matting Solutions are an example of where we have made a name for ourselves as the leader for innovative and reliable matting products and services.

Our team provides a fully-integrated matting solution by offering rental and purchase options with first-rate service. We are a seasoned team experienced at handling the coordination of all project logistics and being fl exible to meet any project need.

Size 8' x 14' to 8' x 16'
Thickness 4¼"
Load Capacity 25,000+ / sq. ft.
Composition Cross-laminated timber
Industrial Matting


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