Strad Announces Change from In-Person to Virtual-Only Special Meeting on April 20, 2020

Posted on Apr 07, 2020

CALGARY, April 7, 2020 /CNW/ – Strad Inc. (“Strad” or the “Corporation“) (TSX: SDY) announces that the special meeting of Strad shareholders (the “Meeting“) in respect of the previously announced plan of arrangement involving Strad, 2238399 Alberta Ltd. and the shareholders of Strad under Section 193 of the Business Corporations Act (Alberta), scheduled for Monday, April 20, 2020 at 8:30 a.m. (Calgary time), has been changed from an in-person meeting to a virtual-only meeting to be held electronically at the same time and on the same date.

Strad has been actively monitoring developments relating to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and the directives of public health and government authorities for group gatherings and social distancing. In response to the City of Calgaryand the Province of Alberta declaring a state of public health emergency and to support efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 and to mitigate risks to the health and safety of Strad’s shareholders, team members, communities and other stakeholders, Strad will convene the Meeting in virtual-only format by way of live audio webcast. Shareholders of record as of March 16, 2020 will be able to attend the Meeting electronically using a smartphone, tablet or computer but will not be able to attend the Meeting in person. The Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta approved the holding of the Meeting in virtual-only format pursuant to its interim order dated March 20, 2020.

Your vote is important

Strad strongly encourages all shareholders, whether or not they plan on attending the Meeting, to vote by submitting their proxy or voting electronically in advance of the Meeting by one of the methods described in the information circular and proxy statement of Strad dated March 20, 2020 (the “Circular“) and proxy materials previously distributed to shareholders in respect of the Meeting. Note that the form of proxy or voting instruction form previously distributed to you will not be updated to reflect the change from an in-person meeting to a virtual-only format and should continue to be used to vote your shares.

If you are a Strad shareholder who holds their shares through a broker or other intermediary (“Beneficial Shareholders”) and have yet to receive your proxy materials, you should contact your broker or other intermediary immediately for a copy of your voting instruction form or other assistance. Beneficial Shareholders should refer to, and carefully read, the sections entitled “Advice to Beneficial Strad Shareholders” in the Circular and “Q&A on the Arrangement, Voting and Solicitation of Proxies“, as well as the voting instructions contained in the voting instruction form.

How to Attend and Vote at the Virtual Meeting

  • Step 1 – Log in online at Strad recommends that all shareholders login one hour in advance of the Meeting and confirm that the browser for whichever device they are using is compatible.
  • Step 2 – Follow these instructions:
    • Registered shareholders: Click “Login” and then enter your user name (control number) and the password “strad2020” (case sensitive). Your user name is the 15 digit control number provided on the form of proxy that accompanied the Circular.
    • Duly appointed proxyholders: Click “Login” and then enter your username and the password “strad2020” (case sensitive). Proxyholders who have been duly appointed and registered online with Computershare Trust Company of Canada (“Computershare“) will receive a username by email from Computershare after the proxy voting deadline has passed. See details below on registering proxyholders online with Computershare.
    • Guests: Click “Guest” and then complete the online form.

Only registered shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders will be able to vote at the Meeting and will be able to do so by completing a ballot online during the Meeting, provided they are connected to the internet and properly follow the instructions contained on the website.

While Strad strongly encourages Beneficial Shareholders to cast their vote in advance of the Meeting, Beneficial Shareholders that want to vote at the Meeting, or appoint a third party to do so, must appoint themselves, or the third party, as proxyholder by carefully following the instructions in the Circular and on their form of proxy or voting instruction form. After submitting their form of proxy or voting instruction form to appoint themselves or a third party as proxyholder, shareholders must also complete the additional step of registering their proxyholder online with Computershare at by no later than 8:30 a.m. on April 16, 2020. A failure to register online will result in a proxyholder not receiving a login credentials, which are required to vote at the Meeting.

Beneficial Shareholders who have not duly appointed themselves as proxyholder will be able to attend the Meeting as guests but will not be able to vote at the Meeting. Guests will be able to listen to the Meeting but will not be able to vote at the Meeting or ask questions.

The instructions on how to join the virtual Meeting will also be posted on our website at

Please stay safe. We look forward to communicating with you virtually at the Meeting.

About Strad

Strad specializes in industrial matting and equipment rentals for projects of any size, from a network of branches across Canada and the United States. Strad aims to exceed customer expectations in many industrial sectors, including Pipeline, Oil and Gas, Transmission and Distribution as well as Construction.

Strad is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Strad is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol “SDY”.