Strad is 100% Employee Owned

Posted on Jun 25, 2020

On April 21st, 2020 Strad became a private, employee-owned company. This is an exciting change, and one we embrace wholly. Strad is now 100% Employee Owned – this new concept embodies Strad’s culture and operations moving forward, and we will begin to display it through logos, advertising, conversation and other communication.

Our business still includes our emphasis on customers first and the same great people. Since all shareholders of Strad are employees of the company, we’ve added a focus on our employee-owned status through the 100% Employee Owned campaign, so we can properly communicate the benefits of this change and pass them on to our customers and employees.

We believe that through this transformation, we have achieved the ability to fully focus on the business. This means that we will continue to offer outstanding customer support by placing the needs of our customers at the forefront. It also means that we can give our full attention to Strad operations without the external distractions of public capital markets.

100% Employee Owned means we have greater freedom to make quick decisions and ensure we are fulfilling our Core Purpose – Going Beyond.

In the coming months, you’ll begin to see the 100% Employee Owned logo(s) used:

Strad is a 100% employee owned company specializing in industrial matting and equipment rentals for projects of any size, from a network of branches across Canada and the United States. Strad aims to exceed customer expectations with a customer-first mindset in many industrial sectors, including Pipeline, Oil and Gas, Transmission and Distribution as well as Construction.

Strad is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.